Skoda Rally


Skoda has a long and well known history in rallying that continues to the present day. Following the hugely successful Skoda 130RS coupe of the 1970s, Skoda developed their new 105/120 saloon into their factory backed rally car. In the early 1980s, the 120LS campaigned for Skoda earning some class wins in the Lombard RAC Rally, while the later and much more powerful 130LR continued on until the end of the decade in both Group B & A competition.

In honour of the efforts of Skoda during these pre-VW years, we are building a TSD Skoda Rally Car based on a 1986 120GLS. We have no funding, limited talents, and a 1174cc motor that produced 54hp 27 years ago, but we still hope to finish the Thunderbird Rally and polish off at least one Subaru along the way. If you believe in our cause, please support Team Skoda Canada! Any donation over $50 buys advertising space that tens of people may see for a brief moment! Still, at least it will be on the only Skoda out there so its always guaranteed to garner some attention!