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Tips on How to Maintain Your New Car

admin November 5, 2018 Car and Truck Rentals

The car industry has made significant improvement over the past years. You can have your car up and running if you have the knowhow of the car maintenance. The experts of Car rental in Toronto share their experience with you to make your car maintenance experience smooth and hassle free. Following are the procedures and checks that you need to do periodically to make the car run flawlessly.

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Engine Oil: To keep your vehicle in good shape, you need to check the status of your engine oil every month. If you feel that you are pouring engine well even before the due time, then try to find a leak. You should do the check for the leakage on the even ground. If you do Find the Leak, repair it as soon as possible.

Tire Pressure: Do a tire pressure check regularly by using a proper tire pressure gauge. You must do the pressure check before you go for a long road trip. The experts of Car rental in Toronto warn you that to get an actual reading of the tire pressure you should gauge it when the tires are cold. The digital gauges are considered to be the best because they either give an exact reading of the pressure or do not show any reading at all. Make it a habit to check the tires regularly for any kinds of uneven cuts, tears or sidewall bulges.

Wash: Every week make it a point to wash your car. To remove the dirt from the undercarriages and fender walls you need to use the force of the water coming from a hose. The professionals of Car rental in Toronto asks you to keep an eye out for the size of the water droplets. If they become more than the size of a quarter, you need to wax your car.

Other Checks

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Engine Oil Change: Experts recommend that you need to change engine oil after every 7500 miles of driving. But if you drive in more severe conditions then you might need to change the oil early. The people who drive cars with turbocharged engine might need a more frequent oil change.

Air Filter: Remove the air filter and hold it to a strong light. If you can see the light coming from the opposite side of the filter, then just use the standard procedure of maintenance. If you cannot see the light experts of Car rental in Toronto recommend a change of the filter.

Exhaust System: Keep an ear out for any weird sound that the exhaust system might be making. It is recommended to change the exhaust system all at once instead of changing it part by part.

Brakes: This is one of the most important parts of your car that needs regular checking. If you check the breaks yourself, then at first remove the wheels and check the brakes. Replace the worn out parts without any delay. The experts of Car rental in Toronto recommends twice a year brake checking for your car. If you drive a lot then you must make the checking more often. Catch more tips here!

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