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Skoda Reviews And Press

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Skodas In Canada

TweetEmail TweetEmailThis page includes photos of Canadian Skodas both past and present . A few examples remain today in spectacular condition, such as the actual Rapid from the Czechoslovak Pavilion at Expo 86. Others have lived a more difficult life, and now sit out their remaining years in fields or forests, long since abandoned by […]

Skoda TechnicalInfo

TweetEmail TweetEmailThis page includes technical and repair information on Skoda sold in Canada during the 1980s. The first item is the complete 135GLi Owners Manual that cover the the fuel injection system. We recommend the English Haynes manual for servicing the 120/135/Rapid. Other than covering RHD models, it’s well written and easy to read, and […]


TweetEmail TweetEmailSkoda has a long and well known history in rallying that continues to the present day. Following the hugely successful Skoda 130RS coupe of the 1970s, Skoda developed their new 105/120 saloon into their factory backed rally car. In the early 1980s, the 120LS campaigned for Skoda earning some class wins in the Lombard […]

Skoda Reviews And Press

TweetEmail TweetEmailThis page includes various road tests, newspaper reports, and magazine articles on Skodas in Canada and North America. If you have or know of any Skoda press from the 1980s not on this page, please do e-mail us. Given that the Skoda was a bargain basement economy car with 1960s technology from a Communist […]


TweetEmail TweetEmailhis page includes ephemera, brochures and advertisements from Skocar (The Canadian Skoda importer during the 1980s), various Canadian Skoda dealerships, and Skoda importers from the 1950s and 60s. Please feel free to use any of the images on this page, though a mention or link to this site would be appreciated.